skw extensions

CONGRATULATIONS! You have taken the next step towards having the hair of your dreams with the best hand tied extension method on the market, SKW Extensions™️!

Nurse practitioner and hairstylist, Sarah Wilks, created the SKW method. She used her extensive medical knowledge to develop a method that protects both the air and scalp. This is the ONLY hair extension method that is medically approved!

The hair used is a 100% human hand tied weft, not individual strands--which leaves you with MORE hair and LESS damage! No, glue, tape, beads or heat is used in the installment; therefore there is less opportunity to damage your hair!


Are you wanting too add fullness, length, or both? Then SKW Extensions has an option for YOU!


Please fill out this entire application to see if you are a good candidate for extensions. Once it is received, we will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you!